SQUASH, Honeynut

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Honeynut Lox SQUASH Curcubita moschata

Seeds per pack ~ 22 approx

Germination: 91% (Packed for 2023)

 We love LOVE love Honeynut! Super sweet and lusciously creamy, Organic Honeynut Winter Squash is the length of a spoon, each fruit averaging less than one pound. With plenty of fertility, you’ll easily harvest 5+ Honeynut from each plant. They love to climb & the dangling fruit are darling to watch ripen all summer! You’ll know Honeynut is ripe when all their green stripes have finally turned caramel bronze; most squash skin turns the color of maturity several weeks before the fruit is, in fact, ripe. Honeynut is the only squash we know that has this remarkable quality. There are just so many reasons to love Honeynut!