Asian Garden – Asia, the world’s largest continent is home to thousands of unique cultural food traditions. In the minds of many people, Asian food is just the eastern Chinese and Japanese cuisines, and possibly Indian food in South Asia. But Asia is so much more than those three regions. Our Asian Garden seed collection includes items from South Asia, Southeastern Asia and East Asia, as well as varieties from Western Asia and Northern Asia.  

Planting an Asian vegetable garden can be a rewarding and practical endeavor for several reasons. Asian cuisine is incredibly diverse and flavorful, and it often incorporates a wide variety of vegetables that may not be as commonly found in Western diets.

By planting an Asian vegetable garden, you can have access to fresh, exotic ingredients to enhance your culinary repertoire.  Growing your own Asian vegetables allows you to have a source of fresh and organic produce. You can control the growing conditions, avoid pesticides, and ensure the highest quality of ingredients for your meals.

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