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Eragrostis tef   

Seeds per pack ~ 100.   


DISCOUNTED SEED-Old Germination Date-$2 per packet

Teff is a vitally important staple grain in Ethiopia and some neighboring countries. It is a very small grain, but plants produce so many seeds that it is productive enough to be increasing in popularity around the world. This seed comes to us from our friends at Adaptive Seeds in Oregon, who say this about the A.L. variety:

"An early maturing white-seeded teff that consistently performs well in conditions varying from the short cool summer of 2010 to the long hot summer of 2015. White teff is usually too late maturing to be grown here, luckily A.L. White teff is different. Each plant produces many beautiful wispy tillers, like an ornamental grass, making teff an attractive choice for many reasons. White teff is also the preferred type for injera, a traditional soured flat bread important to Ethiopian cuisine."