'Accawmacke Broccoli' Turnip Greens

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Brassica rapa  Approximately 20 seeds per pack. Germination ~ 98% January 2021

'Accawmacke Broccoli' is a rare variety of turnip greens from the Eastern Shore of Virginia. It can be grown year-round for its delicious greens, and overwintered to produce "broccoli raab" flower spikes in the spring. Ujamaa got these seeds from our partners at the Experimental Farm Network, who in turn got seed from Robert "Gus" Gustafson of Machipongo, Virginia. He got the seeds over a decade ago from a farmer in nearby Craddockville.

Here's what Gus wrote about this excellent plant, which he grows overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, back in 2020:  "I have one 25 foot row of Accawmacke Broccoli turnip greens growing right now, principally for seed, although I have quite a bit of seed on hand from last year. I use [the seed] in baking, mainly as an additive to crackers along with benne [a Gullah-Geechee heirloom sesame]. I should get a gallon or more of seed from that row. Of course we also eat the leaves... We eat them as a mess o’ greens with smoked turkey meat through the winter but I also developed a great recipe for Accawmacke broccoli and oyster gratin that I think is excellent."