HERB, Milk Thistle

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Silybum marianum

Seeds per pack ~ 40  

Germination: 98% (Packed for 2023)

Milk thistle, or Blessed Milkthistle, is a lovely annual or biennial plant native to the Mediterranean and MIddle East. It has a long history of traditional medicinal use, and even today the Mayo Clinic says it may be useful against diabetes, indigestion, and liver disease. It is a pretty (though spiny!) plant with beautiful white veining on its shiny green leaves, and classic purple thistle flowers. If you plan to use it medicinally, consult your doctor first because there are some adverse interactions with other drugs (including diazepam and warfarin). Milk thistle also an edible plant! The root and leaves can be eaten (though cutting the spines off is advisable), as can the flower buds (like mini artichokes). The flowers make a nice sun tea too. It's the seeds that are most often consumed though. This plant is very easy to grow, but we advise harvesting all seeds so it won't establish itself in your neighborhood.