OKRA, Catawba Freeman

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Abelmoschus esculentus

Seeds per pack ~30

Germination: 89% Packed for 2023

Okra of Catawba/African origin. Seeds re-awakened and multiplied by Freed Seed Federation. A lovely okra believed to be of Catawba & African origin. Pods similar to Clemson Spineless variety. This comes from the collection of Kentucky seed keeper Kris Hubbard. We'll be selling three lots of seeds this year: one grown in Pennsylvania by Amirah Mitchell of Sistah Seeds & Ujamaa, one grown in Kentucky by Christian Keeve of Ujamaa, and one grown in Massachusetts by Bill Braun and the Freed Seed Federation. Our photographs of Catawba Freeman are from Benoit Azagoh-Kouadio.