COLLARD Champion Collard Greens

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Brassica oleracea viridis  Approximately 70 seeds per pack. Germination ~ 86% April 2021

One of the standard open-pollinated collard with big blue/green leaves that are broad and delicious. Farmers consider it just as good as any hybrid on the market. Released in 1979, it was selected from the still-popular variety 'Vates' by Dr. Edward Borchers of the Virginia Truck Experiment Station ("truck farming" refers to small market farming — the roots of the expression are actually in the French word "troquer," which means "to barter"). 'Vates' itself is actually an acronym for the Virginia Truck Experiment Station, where it was also developed for release in the 1940s. If you're looking for a reliable, tasty, productive collard green, 'Champion' has got you covered.