Coreopsis Flower

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Dyer’s Coreopsis  Coreopsis tinctoria  Seeds per pack ~ 50  Germination: 98%   (Packed for 2022) 

A gorgeous native to Eastern North America, Coreopsis tinctoria is easy to grow anywhere with full sun or partial shade. Even in poor soil each plant bears hundreds of ornate flowers in robust 2 to 3 foot tall and wide tufts. Indigenous people have dyed textiles yellow and red with these abundant blossoms for millennia, as well as enjoying the plant as both food and medicine.

An annual, Coreopsis tinctoria readily self-sows without becoming a nuisance. It is popular in ornamental gardens and native gardens as well as low-maintenance perennial beds, where it pleasantly pops up here and there. Though it is remarkably drought-tolerant, well-watered plants offer the most abundant blooms. We have heard that two dozen plants will yield enough blossoms to dye one pound of wool or silk. Fresh or dry flowers are equally effective as dye.