HERB, Epazote

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Chenopodium ambrosoides  

Seeds ~ 100 per packet

Germination 96% (Packed for 2022)  

Epazote (Chenopodium ambrosoides) is a strongly aromatic plant used as a cooking herb, judiciously in salad, and for medicinal purposes in humans as well as animals, particularly as a vermifuge. That’s why its folk name is “wormseed.” The smooth green leaves are 2-3” long, ½-inch wide with a crisp texture and very distinctive resin flavor. Flowering plants are attractive to the same beneficials as other Chenopodiums, especially small aphid-eating insects.

This variety came from our friends at Wild Garden Seeds in Oregon, who say this about it: "A refined selection with smooth green leaves and stems, uniformly aromatic and productive. Rodrigo, our Oaxacan-born field manager, says this is better than his home village kind."