FLOWER Hibiscus Sunrise

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Hibiscus Sunrise Abelmoschus manihot

Seeds per pack ~ 15   (Packed for 2023) 

A native plant of Asia, Abelmoschus manihot was formerly considered a species of Hibiscus, but is now classified in the genus Abelmoschus. The plant is also known as the sunset muskmallow, sunset hibiscus, or hibiscus manihot. In the Philippines the leaves are added to traditional dishes or eaten in salads. In Japan and Korea it is used to make a starchy substance used in making the traditional paper.

It is considered an extremely nutritious vegetable. Its leaves are very high in vitamins A and C, and iron, and have 12% protein by dry weight. It is easily propagated from cuttings, easy to cultivate, relatively disease-resistant and even is considered to be of medicinal value. It is widely planted either along borders of gardens or as an intercrop throughout many traditional gardens in the tropics.