FLOWER, Hungarian Blue Breadseed Poppy

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Hungarian Blue Breadseed Poppy Papaver somniferum

Seeds per pack ~ 100

Germination: 89%   Packed for 2023

Originally cultivated in Hungary for its nutritious seeds, the Hungarian Breadseed Poppy is now prized by gardeners and chefs alike for its delicate pink and purple flowers, which bloom in late spring and early summer. The flowers give way to large, seed-filled pods that can be harvested and used for baking or cooking. In addition to its culinary uses.

The Hungarian Breadseed Poppy is also an excellent ornamental plant that's sure to add color and interest to any garden. It's a tall, statuesque plant that can reach up to 4 feet in height, with long, slender stems and bright green foliage. But what really sets the Hungarian Breadseed Poppy apart is its unique fragrance. The flowers emit a sweet, musky scent that's both captivating and unforgettable, making it a popular choice for cut flower arrangements and perfumes.