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Brassica juncea 

Seeds per pack ~ 180-200

Germination: 96% (Packed for 2023)  

It takes a lot for a spicy mustard to impress Adaptive Seeds enough to add it to their catalog, but this one did and they are sharing it with us. Frizzy Lizzy was the only one of 10 mustards to survive winter trials with lows to to 5°F and a very low-light, poorly drained section field. Perhaps its skeletal leaf shape has something to do with it. Maybe it’s because it’s especially dark red, which seems correlated to winter hardiness. Excellent as a baby green, it adds a good spicy element, lovely color, and some bulk to salads. As required by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Washington Crucifer Quarantine, all Brassica family seed lots have been tested and found negative for blackleg (Phoma lingam) by an approved, certified lab.