BITTER MELON, Futo Spindle

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Momordica charantia

 Seeds ~ 10 per packet

Germination: 90%  Jan 2023 (Packed for 2023)

Also known as "cerasee" or "cerasee bush" in Jamaican cuisine, ensure you select a warm, moist spot for growing this vine. This unusual-looking fruit is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Its flavor can range from slightly sweet to extremely bitter, depending on the fruit's maturity. High in fiber, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins C, B1, B2, and B3, bitter melon can be grown on the ground or in a container in your garden.

Our seed comes from Kitazawa Seed Company.

GROWING TIPS: Start by finding a warm, sunny area and preparing the soil with compost or other organic matter. Plant the seeds about an inch apart and lightly cover them with soil. Water the seeds regularly and thin out the seedlings when they get about two inches tall. Once the plants are established, regular watering and fertilizing will ensure healthy growth and the eventual production of green skin bitter melon fruits. For best germination results, soak the seeds in water for 24 hours prior to sowing. If you don't want to direct-seed, sow the seeds into well-draining, fertile soil in containers indoors. Keep warm until sprouts appear, however, do not transplant outdoors until safely past last frost. Place transplants 1'-2' spaced apart where they will receive trellised support since the vines will grow prolifically and will become heavy with fruit as the weather warms. Grow in full sun and harvest fruits when they are firm and dark green.