GRAIN, Sussex Flax

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Linum usitatissimum

Seeds per pack ~ 100

Germination: 95%  (Packed for 2023 )

A fairly tall flax at about 3′ that is good for fiber production, but also produces tasty edible seeds. The brown seeds of this heritage English flax/linseed are noteworthy for their high content of alpha-linolenic acid (an Omega-3 fatty acid), as tested by the Irish Seed Savers Association, the original source of the seed provided to Ujamaa by Adaptive Seeds.

Eighteen varieties were tested with polyunsaturated fat percentages between 28-75%, and Sussex had the highest. Many Western diets are deficient in Omega-3 and excessive in Omega-6. Balancing this ratio could offer many health benefits including battling depression and mood disorders.