HERB, Green Amaranth Callaloo

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Green Amaranth Callaloo  Amaranthus Sp.   

Approximately 100 seeds per pack.

Germination ~ 73% Packed for 2023

Easy to grow and impressively self-sufficient, we are constantly in awe of the deliciousness, abundance and utterly resilience of Callaloo! One of our favorite greens with onions and garlic, Callaloo thrives in containers and raised beds as well as garden soil, prolific even in drought and low-fertility conditions. A dish as well as a plant, Callaloo as a dish hails from West Africa while Callaloo, in the amaranth family, co-adapted with humxns in both Africa and the Americas. 

Blonde green leaves, mildly lemon-flavored, and quick growing from seed. A seasonal salad standard from September thru winter (in mild climates) and on into summer, when plants run to bloom. Pollen is food for several beneficials, including minute pirate bug, big eyed bug, and other generalist predators. This Eurasian native is eaten by many cultures, and is most often seen in US supermarkets in the Jewish food section where it can be found in glass jars providing the flavor base of a sour "Schav" soup. Our seed comes from our friends at Wild Garden Seeds.