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Hen Peck COLLARDS Brassica oleracea

Seeds per pack ~ 200 

Germination: 98% Aug 2022  (Packed for 2023)

With a sweet flavor and leafy tenderness, Hen Peck collards are a great vegetable to grow from seed and can be a great addition to any garden. Hen Peck's name is derived from their appearance, looking as if they've been pecked at around the edges of the leaves. This heirloom collard comes from North Carolina, and came to wider attention after being donated to our friends at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange by Benny and Vickie Cox.

Collard seeds should be planted about a quarter of an inch deep and placed at least six to eight inches apart. The seeds should be kept evenly moist and will germinate in about a week. Once the seedlings have grown to about two inches tall, thin them to the desired spacing and keep them well-weeded. Henpeck collards will take about 70 days to reach maturity. When harvesting, you can pick the outer leaves first, leaving the center of the plant to continue growing until needed. Should overwinter well for spring greens and seeds.