LETTUCE, Ear of the Devil

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Ear of the Devil LETTUCE  Lactuca sativa

Seeds per pack ~ 100

Germination: 99%  (Packed for 2023)

These seeds came to us from Adaptive Seeds in Oregon. It has massive heads with deer tongue shaped leaves. Green leaves have lots of red tones and crunchy midribs. When harvested young, they resemble Red Deer Tongue but with better color. Very slow to bolt, heat tolerant and always good flavor. The largest head of lettuce we have ever seen was one of these monsters.

Maintained by Abundant Life Seed Foundation before the tragic fire destroyed their collection in 2003. More recently, this French heirloom was stewarded in southern Oregon for many years. Aka, Les Oreilles du Diable. Seed produced by Avoca in Corvallis, Oregon.