BEAN, LIMA Thorogreen (Bush)

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Phaseolus lunatus

Seeds per pack: ~ 30  

Germination: 92%  Jul 2022 Packed for 2023)

Also called "Cangreen Bush", this is an old-time favorite with a concentrated harvest window making it perfect for canning, freezing, or making large batches of soup. Ripens in about 60 days. Thorogreen was selected from Henderson Bush and released in 1941. It's very easy to grow and has great flavor and texture. It's similar to its parent, Henderson, but it ripens earlier, on shorter plants, and with lighter green seeds. 3-4 medium-sized seeds per pod. This is Ujamaa grower Clif Slade's favorite bush lima. Our seed comes from Clif, via Southern Exposure Seed Exhange.