GREENS, Njama Njama (Landrace) Greens

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Njama Njama (Landrace) Solanum scabrum  Approximately 70 seeds in each packet. Germination 71% Packed for 2023

Used as a food, a dye, and as a medicinal herb Njama Njama (pronounced jahma-jahma) is known in English as “garden huckleberry.”  While this plant spouts anti-oxidant purple to black berries, many of our African friends say they mostly consume the leaves.

We were introduced to the West African (Landrace) variety of Njama Njama by our friend Ergibe Boyd, an Eritrean-American immigrant farmer based in Prince Georges County, Maryland. She harvests them for the leaves (though she also likes to put a few of the antioxidant-rich berries in her smoothies).

A SPECIAL NOTE: While this plant is commonly grown and consumed as a vegetable in Africa, members of this genus are known to contain potentially harmful alkaloids, so care should be taken when eating it for the first time. Like any new food, it's worth being aware of the potential for allergic or other adverse reactions. That said, millions of people enjoy this plant every day.