TREE, PLUM , Wild Plum (Hog Plum)

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Wild Plum (Hog Plum)  Prunus umbellata

Seeds per pack ~ 10  

Germination: 98% (Packed for 2023)

Prunus umbellata, called flatwoods plum, hog plum and sloe plum, is a plum species native to the United States from Virginia, south to Florida, and west to Texas.  Prunus umbellata can reach 20 feet in height with a 15 ft spread. It has alternate serrate green leaves that turn yellow in autumn. Flowers are white, creamy, or grayish. Fruits are round, purple, and 1⁄2–1 inch in diameter. The trees bloom and bear fruit later than other plums. The fruits mature August–October. Large crops appear only every 3–4 years.