BARLEY, Purple Valley (Hulless)

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Hordeum vulgare 

Approximately 100 seeds per pack.

Germination ~ 84% Packed for 2023

Barley is an ancient grain that is beloved in soups, breads, whole grain salads, pilafs, and beer — of course! 'Purple Valley' barley is hulless, which means the hull falls off naturally during harvest so only the bran and germ remain. The result is edible, whole grain barley, fresh from the plant. Because of this, you don't need any special equipment to harvest it: your bare hands will do on a small scale, or a scythe if you want to scale up but still avoid a combine or threshing machine!

Our friends at Adaptive Seeds recommend lightly toasting this barley in a dry pan until it begins to pop or smell like toast, then cook just like brown rice to end up with a fairly firm texture with a delightful rich nutty flavor. This variety is 6 row, and is less prone to falling over than 'Tibetan' or other purple hulless barleys. Best sown in spring. This variety was selected in Oregon's Willamette Valley by Pat Hayes, barley breeder at Oregon State University. Also known as 'Purple Hulless Improved'.