PURSLANE, Tall Green

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Portulaca oleracea 

Germination:  52% Packed for 2023

Approximately 200 seed per pack.

Tall green purslane is an Omega-3-rich plant that loves the hot weather and produces thick, lemony-flavored, succulent leaves. You'll need to find a sunny spot in your garden to sow your purslane seeds in late spring/early summer once all chance of frost has passed. These plants are not frost tolerant. Plant them about one-half inch deep and space them about three inches apart. Keep the soil moist but not soggy, and provide your purslane with plenty of sunlight. Tall green purslane spreads via taproot, so growers may want to sow in containers or heavily monitored areas to control rapid spreading. This delicious addition to salads is ready for harvest in 60 days. Will self-sow readily. Purslane flavor is best when harvested early in the morning when the malic acid is higher. Harvesting later in the afternoon will result in an increased bitter taste. Who knew?!