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Tomia's Quick Vegetable Garden

Varieties Included in this Collection:

Antigua Bush Beans,

Ashworth Sweet Corn,

August Ambrosia Watermelon,

Bloomsdale Spinach,

Dark Green Romaine Lettuce,

Dragon Carrots,

Fine Leaf Chives, and

National Pickling Cucumber.

If you are looking to start a quick and easy garden this ones for you. You'll find that all of the seeds in the collection can be sown directly into the soil without having to be started indoors in most areas on the United States. 

A Tip from Tomia: Most of these seeds can be planted in the garden now in zones 5B and above, but wait until 2 weeks after your average last frost date to plant the cucumber, corn and watermelon directly into the warm soil as they don't like cold weather. You can find your gardening zone average frost free date by searching with your zip code online. (Ex . 12345 gardening zone, or 1234 average last frost).


Tomia's Quick Vegetable Garden