Asia, the world’s largest continent is home to thousands of unique cultural food traditions. In the minds of many people, Asian food is just the eastern Chinese and Japanese cuisines, and possibly Indian food in South Asia. But Asia is so much more than those three regions. Our Asian Garden Seed Collection includes items from South Asia, Southeastern Asia and East Asia, as well as varieties from Western Asia and Northern Asia.  

Growing Asian garden varieties is a delightful endeavor, and you’ll find a wide variety of flavorful and nutritious vegetables, fruits, and herbs to grow from seed  at UJAMAA SEEDS. 

CLICK on the varieties below to learn more about some of our top Asian varieties you might consider planting:

Chinese Long BeanWinged BeanBitter MelonKuroda CarrotsPink CeleryAlchi CabbageYukina Savoy CabbageAshwagandaThai JicamaIzmir Turkish PoppyHeshiko Bunching OnionGoji BerryJapanese PersimmonFenugreekKanamachi Turnip

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